Gordon Bennett Wrocław 2020




Wrocław, Racecourse – Partynice, Poland

The Gordon BENNETT Cup

The Gordon BENNETT Cup is the oldest and most prestigious aviation competition in the world

The first launch took place in 1906 and was held in front of 200 000 spectators in Paris. It is tradition that the winning country has the privilege of organizing the next edition of the competition.

The last Gordon Bennett Cup in Poland took place in 1936. Since then, Poland won twice – first in 1938, however the competition was cancelled due to World War II outbreak, and for the second time in 1983, when the competition was organised for the very first time after the WWII. Unfortunately, because of the political situation in the country the next edition in 1984 could not have been held in Poland and was organised in Switzerland instead.


64 Gordon Bennett Cup - World Championships in long-distance gas balloon flights

Date Description
27.08 Opening Ceremony
28.08 Event on Partynice and I slot for balloons launch
29.08 Event on Partynice and II slot for balloons launch
30.08 Event on Partynice and III slot for balloons launch
31.08 IV slot for balloons launch
04.09 Closing Ceremony and prize giving

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From the beggining the rules have been simple: the best gas balloonists launch from the same place,
at a similar time and with the same amount of gas and all of them try to achieve the longest possible distance.


When the pilots first competed in 1906 in the very first Gordon Bennett Cup,
the Partynice Horse Racing Track was under construction. The track was opened in 1907, and this year over 650,000 m2
of this wonderful facility will be available to participants and spectators of the 64th Gordon Bennett Cup.

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